Sunday, 18 July 2010

MAC and Rodarte

This weekend, the MAC/Rodarte collection has been dominating both Twitter and Blogger.  And not for a good reason.

Prior to this weekend I was relatively uneducated about the issues in Juarez, Mexico and how this has been so-called used as inspiration for this collection.  But the mass of blog posts has, to me, bought to light this subject.  I am not going to go into my personal opinions of the matter here, but I highly suggest reading Charlie @ Lady of the Lane and her fantastic take on the topic.  Her blog also lists the other bloggers who have expressed similar, but slightly differing, opinions on this.

L xx

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Caz said...

I think it's amazing how beauty bloggers have come together to raise awareness of this

kirstyb said...

off to check it out now xxx

Katie said...

Im definitely going to check out that link!

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