Tuesday, 8 June 2010

No7 Gradual Body Tan

Hello ladies!

Today I am going to do a review on the Boots No7 Gradual Body Tan, I am a lover of my gradual tanners as I'm not too keen on the orangey/streaky look you get from some fake tans, but I am looking to start using fake tans more.

Cost: This retails at £9.25 for 200ml and comes in a bottle with a handy pump.

Application: I like to use two pumps of product per limb, so 2 on my legs, 2 on my arms, 2 on my torso etc.  It feels moisturising on the skin, but not too heavy so quite nice for the spring/summer months.  It rubs in easily, but it is advised that you leave to dry for a few minutes prior to dressing to prevent colour rub off.

Smell: Eek! Yes, it does come with the weird biscuity smell of fake tanners, I don't notice this at first, but about half an hour later I can smell it.

Colour: I have been using this for approximately one week on a nightly basis and have noticed some colour change on my skin, this is quite gradual (as suggested by the name...!)  but not streaky.

Overall, this is quite a good product for this time of year, although nothing spectacular!  I may repurchase with a No7 till spit, maybe not.

Do you fake it all at once, gradually or not at all?
Any reccomendations for fake tans/gradual tanners?

Love Always,
Louise xxxx

Monday, 7 June 2010

Nail Extensions

Okay, I have no self control! I was trying to regain strength in my nails after wearing acrylics and pulling them off myself (I know, I know).   When its winter and hands are in gloves 24/7 I didn't feel toooooo guilty about the short hideous length of my nails, but now as its summer, the acrylics are back!

I had them applied at Handstanned in Leeds, by the lovely Gemma.  The process took around an hour and a quarter including removal of polish, prep of nails, new polish and drying time.  It cost me £36 (after student discount).

I chose to go for natural tips with a "squoval" shape, with a coral polish: TropicalCoral #521 by CND.

My hands.....

Pic taken 5 days after, will paint again soon :)

I am pleased with the results, and will continue use the SolarOil by CND every day to keep my cuticles in good condition.  Shall update before my infills scheduled for 3 weeks time.

Love Always,
Louise xxxx

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Wow... June!

White Rabbits... Its June!

Where the hell has 2010 gone? I finish my 2nd year on Friday, now that is some scary stuff. After that I am free to my blog away :)

Plus the summer job money is always a bonus to fund the habits!

Posts in the pipeline...
•Nails! New extensions.
•May favourites
•Recent haul
•Gradual tanners - loves and hates