Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic

Hello, Happy Wednesday :)

One of the items I bought last week was a lush fresh face mask called Catastrophe Cosmetic, having used it this Sunday during my looong pamper session I thought I would review it on here.

"When disaster looms, Catastrophe Cosmetic calms and cleanses the skin"

I have shocking photography skills. Apologies.

As an avid lover of Lush, I have tried a couple of their face masks for when my skin is extremely dry or oily depending on the season (I have bizarre skin!), but never this one. This wonderful lilac coloured mask has the key ingredient of blueberries (you can see the pieces in it) which are supposed to reduce inflammation and also have an antiseptic effect as a result of the anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals found in the berries. Other key ingredients include Chamomile, Calamine, Irish Moss and Almond Oil to soothe and gently cleanse the skin.

After leaving this on for about ten minutes whilst having a lovely relax in the bath, I rinsed it away using warm water and a muslim cloth. On the skin it felt on the whole soft but as it was rinsed off I could feel a slight exfoliating motion due to the blueberry pieces left in the mix. I could see an immediate difference in my skin looking brighter and clearer, and during the following few days I noticed a reduction in redness on my cheeks and chin.

This pot cost me £4.95 for 75g and Lush recommend you can get 4 uses out of it, I would agree with this having found the amount I used was too much as I was wasting some (boo hoo). My slight reservation with the product is that it has a 3 week use by date and I generally like to rotate my face masks so that I can get the benefits of all that I use. I would purchase again, especially when my skin needs a refresh and a detox.

Love Always,
Louise xxx

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Shopping :) first blogged haul!

Okay so whilst getting my new pair of new Missoni specs made I had two hours to wander around the shops. I only had a little list consisting of boring things (still managed to forget some of those... oops!) but me being me had to indulge, but only slightly today.

So I got 2 slighty boring items, hairspray and the 24 hour finishing spray both by Tresemme as I've used these a fair bit before and they had a 2 for £4 offer on boots, lovely!

Next I popped into Lush, initially to try out their new (okay not so new anymore, but yeah...) Colour Supplement. But before I even got to this I was escorted to their "new corner" and before I knew it the lovely sales assisstant had plastered my arm in their new body tint, which is Lush's version of a fake tan. It's called "Charlotte Island" and smells of chocolate and bananas, yum! As a spray tan user, I'm not a big fan of the do it yourself jobs as I normally make an utter mess, and can't stand the smell. But this sunk in very quickly and blended great with my skin tone. At £4.95 for a small bottle, I had to try it... Will do a full review soon when I've used it :)

Also in their new corner I spotted Mud - essentially this is a body exfoliator/mask that can be used in the shower and left on if you have the time. If not, then it can be rinsed off immediately and still gives your skin a lovely healthy glow, perfect to put the fake tan on top of. As a big fan of exfoliators for my body, this was also put straight into my basket.

I also picked up another face mask as I've currently used up all my fresh face ones lying around in the fridge. This time I picked up the Catastrophe Cosmetic one, which has blueberries in and is perfect for detoxifying the skin. I shall review this after needing to detoxify my skin on Sunday following a party fuelled weekend.

After having a prod of many other products, especially their "lubbly jubblies" breast cream which has the same formula as their much loved neck cream, it was time to purchase my goodies. The lovely sales assisstant gave me a sample of the breast cream so I can feel it tighten and firm (perhaps!) at home.

Ah... I love lush! Even more so now I have found out the one in Leeds has a student party on Wednesday the 28th with pampering treatments and goodie bags, I feel another haul coming on!

Louise x x x

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

My First Post...

So after reading and following many beauty blogs written by some lovely ladies, I have finally decided to make my own featuring all things beauty, make up and pampering.

I also would like this to be a space for me to get away from the busy life of uni and work and just post away about the more finer things in life! Shopping, beauty, make up, treatments, the good things...

I have a few posts in the making that will be coming soon, but that's all for now,

Love Always,
Louise xx