Sunday, 16 January 2011

2011: My biggest year to date?

As mentioned in my previous post, 2011 will possibly be the most life changing year I experience to date.


1. I turn 21 years of age in March (26th to be precise!)

2. I will, all going well, graduate in the summer hopefully gaining a first/2

3. I will be leaving Leeds, and my family home in Cheshire, to live with my boyfriend in the South.  I have been waiting for this a veryyy long time :)

4. As long as number 2 above occurs, I shall be starting my graduate job in September at (no naming names) one of the top graduate employers in the country.  I had an internship with them this summer and enjoyed it immensely.  I do realise how lucky I am to be in this position with a job offer that I had since the start of third year.

I fully realise I am about 2 weeks late with my new years resolutions, but hey you can make resolutions at any time. 
Here are mine:

1. Tell my family, friends and especially my boyfriend how much they mean to me regularly.

2. Get a healthy balance of working out and eating better.  I do not want to lose shed loads of weight but I would like to tone up a bit and be a healthy size 10 (I'm about a 10 now but with flabby bits!) - I also want to get fitter than I am.

3. Work hard to achieve the best.

4. Finally grow long healthy nails without the aid of fakery!

5.Have fun! Enjoy life!

Images from here

Have you made any resolutions?
What does 2011 have in store for you?

Saturday, 15 January 2011

No more (blog) neglect!

Nearly 6 months of blog neglect I am back...

Over the summer period, I grossly neglected my blog due to no access to my laptop (I was living at my boyfriends without my personal laptop and did not want to use my work tablet or his for blogging), then 3rd year at university began.  I spent semester one having a lot of work, but still didn't feel like I had a lot of free time to dedicate to my blog.... Although I managed plenty of blog stalking and tweeting!

Anway... It's now Saturday 15th January 2011, sometime in the afternoon.  Slap bang in the middle of examination period.  After an exam yesterday and another one this morning (yes: a Saturday exam) I thought why not? 

What do I have to lose by starting blogging again? Nothing, but more importantly:

What do I have to gain from blogging? A documentation of 2011 (possibly the most life changing year for me), a way of procrastination (not just exams, but a getaway from other things) and being able to chat to some lovely people.

So here goes. Time to start blogging again.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

MAC and Rodarte

This weekend, the MAC/Rodarte collection has been dominating both Twitter and Blogger.  And not for a good reason.

Prior to this weekend I was relatively uneducated about the issues in Juarez, Mexico and how this has been so-called used as inspiration for this collection.  But the mass of blog posts has, to me, bought to light this subject.  I am not going to go into my personal opinions of the matter here, but I highly suggest reading Charlie @ Lady of the Lane and her fantastic take on the topic.  Her blog also lists the other bloggers who have expressed similar, but slightly differing, opinions on this.

L xx

Monday, 5 July 2010

Moved house.... Hello Internet!

I have recently moved house, from a shitty student heap to a gorgeous student house that is stunning!  Anyway, today Virgin finally arrived and we have internet again!

I am really enjoying the summer weather, and my new lovely housemates :)

My acrylics have gone! Before I could get to a salon when I was at the mans, they started coming up at the sides, and after a few glasses of vino I started to pick them off (YES YES I know its bad, save the lectures!) so I'm back to my stubs, but full of motivation.... Long talons by Xmas is the new goal ;)

How is everybody?
Loving the summer?


Tuesday, 8 June 2010

No7 Gradual Body Tan

Hello ladies!

Today I am going to do a review on the Boots No7 Gradual Body Tan, I am a lover of my gradual tanners as I'm not too keen on the orangey/streaky look you get from some fake tans, but I am looking to start using fake tans more.

Cost: This retails at £9.25 for 200ml and comes in a bottle with a handy pump.

Application: I like to use two pumps of product per limb, so 2 on my legs, 2 on my arms, 2 on my torso etc.  It feels moisturising on the skin, but not too heavy so quite nice for the spring/summer months.  It rubs in easily, but it is advised that you leave to dry for a few minutes prior to dressing to prevent colour rub off.

Smell: Eek! Yes, it does come with the weird biscuity smell of fake tanners, I don't notice this at first, but about half an hour later I can smell it.

Colour: I have been using this for approximately one week on a nightly basis and have noticed some colour change on my skin, this is quite gradual (as suggested by the name...!)  but not streaky.

Overall, this is quite a good product for this time of year, although nothing spectacular!  I may repurchase with a No7 till spit, maybe not.

Do you fake it all at once, gradually or not at all?
Any reccomendations for fake tans/gradual tanners?

Love Always,
Louise xxxx

Monday, 7 June 2010

Nail Extensions

Okay, I have no self control! I was trying to regain strength in my nails after wearing acrylics and pulling them off myself (I know, I know).   When its winter and hands are in gloves 24/7 I didn't feel toooooo guilty about the short hideous length of my nails, but now as its summer, the acrylics are back!

I had them applied at Handstanned in Leeds, by the lovely Gemma.  The process took around an hour and a quarter including removal of polish, prep of nails, new polish and drying time.  It cost me £36 (after student discount).

I chose to go for natural tips with a "squoval" shape, with a coral polish: TropicalCoral #521 by CND.

My hands.....

Pic taken 5 days after, will paint again soon :)

I am pleased with the results, and will continue use the SolarOil by CND every day to keep my cuticles in good condition.  Shall update before my infills scheduled for 3 weeks time.

Love Always,
Louise xxxx

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Wow... June!

White Rabbits... Its June!

Where the hell has 2010 gone? I finish my 2nd year on Friday, now that is some scary stuff. After that I am free to my blog away :)

Plus the summer job money is always a bonus to fund the habits!

Posts in the pipeline...
•Nails! New extensions.
•May favourites
•Recent haul
•Gradual tanners - loves and hates