Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Diet Coke and Nails Inc

So I guess everybody is fed up of hearing about the fabulous Nails Inc and Diet Coke promotion... If you have been living under a rock then if you go into Boots and buy 2 bottles of Diet Coke then you can pick up one of the 4 specially created limited edition bottles of nail polish for FREE...

In L-R above we have:
  • London, a on-trend beige, gorgeous for those nude nails.
  • Paris, a deep purple inspired by the Parisian sunsets.
  • New York, such a girlie fushia pink.
  • Milan, a classic red inspired by the fiery Italian nature.
So far I have got my hands on London and Paris.  But after too much wearing of acrylic nails, my natural nails are in desperate need of repair, so I am currently going without colour.  When they get  abit longer and in better condition the nude London will be the perfect colour.  Paris is currently on my toes, but I will spare you the pictures of my in-need-of-a-pedicure hooves.

New York is next on my list, and hey why not Milan just to have the full collection!

What have you picked up? Any miracle products to get my talons in tip top condition again?

Love Always,
Louise xxxx

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Morning Skincare Regime

Now that it is nearly study leave time from univeristy, I will no doubt be spending more time on the computer and more time at home to post blogs as I really hope to have this in full flow come the end of summer :)

Today I am going to do a quick overview on what I am currently using skincare-wise in the morning.

First off... I have normal-combination skin tending towards dry in the winter and oily in the summer.  Also as I wear contact lenses I have quite sensitive eyes and I am always quite pinickity over what I use in that area.

I have recently finished using two thirds of the Clinique 3 Step System: The facial soap and toner are all finished, but I still have some of the Dramatically Different Moisturiser left.  I really like this as it provides me with a good base for my make up and makes my face feel all smooth.  I am undecided on the facial soap and toner still - I may go back and try these at a later date but for now I am going to see if the moisturiser combined with the other products I'm using is still as effective.

But before I use my moisturiser, I cleanse and tone my face using Garnier Fresh Essentials. 

Above is the complete cleansing milk, I do not use this to remove my make up but to cleanse my skin from the dirt overnight and the dead skin cells. 

...And this is the invigorating toner.  From the bottle you can see that it does not contain any alcohol - this is a bit of a difference in comparison to the Clinique I was using previously which seemed to have a drying effect on my skin.  These two products really help to refresh and revitalise my face in the morning.  I also find the smell and cool texture (especially of the toner) help to wake me up in the morning.

Around my eyes I am using the Simple Kind to Eyes Balm.  I find this really effective in soothing the eyes.  It retails around the £4 mark which is very very reasonable.  As I am only 20 I don't need an anti ageing eye cream yet, just something to soothe the odd bit of puffiness I get.  This does work wonders!

Pic taken from

Thats it!
My daytime skincare is very simple but (in my eyes) effective.

Love Always,
Louise xxxx


So if you're in the UK, you will know today is the General Election. I just want to pass of the message to vote, no preaching on who to vote for, but please do, be part of society!

Women died to gve furutre generations of women a vote, so please don't waste it. If only for their sake.

Love Always,
Louise xxxx