Monday, 7 June 2010

Nail Extensions

Okay, I have no self control! I was trying to regain strength in my nails after wearing acrylics and pulling them off myself (I know, I know).   When its winter and hands are in gloves 24/7 I didn't feel toooooo guilty about the short hideous length of my nails, but now as its summer, the acrylics are back!

I had them applied at Handstanned in Leeds, by the lovely Gemma.  The process took around an hour and a quarter including removal of polish, prep of nails, new polish and drying time.  It cost me £36 (after student discount).

I chose to go for natural tips with a "squoval" shape, with a coral polish: TropicalCoral #521 by CND.

My hands.....

Pic taken 5 days after, will paint again soon :)

I am pleased with the results, and will continue use the SolarOil by CND every day to keep my cuticles in good condition.  Shall update before my infills scheduled for 3 weeks time.

Love Always,
Louise xxxx

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Jenni and Ying said...

I personally can't stand acrylics just because its like an endless cycle of money spent and your nails underneath are suffering. It took me sooo long to re-grow my nail back to their original strength, but im glad I've done it now :)

They suit you really well though ;) and I love that colour! gorgeous <3

Jenni @ Beauty By Two

louise said...

I just don't have the patience to regrow them, but I've told myself I wont pull them off this time and I'll get them properly removed! xx

Fashion-rocks said...

I understand the problem you are going through,I use vaseline on my nails- a special one for nails. If you want to find out more about it, I done a review on my blog. By the way I love the nail pic.

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