Sunday, 16 January 2011

2011: My biggest year to date?

As mentioned in my previous post, 2011 will possibly be the most life changing year I experience to date.


1. I turn 21 years of age in March (26th to be precise!)

2. I will, all going well, graduate in the summer hopefully gaining a first/2

3. I will be leaving Leeds, and my family home in Cheshire, to live with my boyfriend in the South.  I have been waiting for this a veryyy long time :)

4. As long as number 2 above occurs, I shall be starting my graduate job in September at (no naming names) one of the top graduate employers in the country.  I had an internship with them this summer and enjoyed it immensely.  I do realise how lucky I am to be in this position with a job offer that I had since the start of third year.

I fully realise I am about 2 weeks late with my new years resolutions, but hey you can make resolutions at any time. 
Here are mine:

1. Tell my family, friends and especially my boyfriend how much they mean to me regularly.

2. Get a healthy balance of working out and eating better.  I do not want to lose shed loads of weight but I would like to tone up a bit and be a healthy size 10 (I'm about a 10 now but with flabby bits!) - I also want to get fitter than I am.

3. Work hard to achieve the best.

4. Finally grow long healthy nails without the aid of fakery!

5.Have fun! Enjoy life!

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Have you made any resolutions?
What does 2011 have in store for you?

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